Waterfront Designer Bathrooms

The team at Waterfront Designer Bathrooms and Luxury Taps are proud to bring you a range of fantastic fitting, well made products. Whether you’re looking to have a new bathroom, kitchen or cloak room installed or simply looking for a product to finish off an existing room perfectly Waterfront will have what you need. With years of experience under their belts, we’re confident in their abilities to give you exactly what you need. They combine unique designs, forward thinking ideas, high quality products and of course good value for money. This allows you to have a stylish room at a cost you can afford, without any hassle. We here at Luxury Taps take care of everything from this end and always strive to offer exceptional customer service just like the Waterfront way. Can’t see what you’re looking for? Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

  • Bidet Taps

    Bidet Taps (4)

    Complete your bathroom with a complimentary product. Waterfront Designer Bathrooms have covered all the options in making your suite stand out with an equally exquisite range to it’s flagship products such as Essential Spa, Signature and Quadra.

  • Classic Collection

    Classic Collection (11)

    We’re proud to show you the Classic Range, which has been designed as part of their Designer Collection, exclusive to Waterfront Designer Bathrooms. As a classic collection it gives you a choice of four elegant head options for basins, baths and shower mixers. On top of that you get period cross head designs and three different lever styles. We know that creating the perfect bathroom is important to you, and we hope that this shows in our passion for giving you the product choices and varieties you need. With all Waterfront Designer Bathrooms you get UK made, high quality products and our Classic Range is no exception. All of these pieces are made from solid brass, because we’re keen to give you value for money products that are going to last.

  • Essential Spa

    Essential Spa (15)

    Here you’ll find the Essential Spa Collection, a range that is hard to be beaten. If you’re looking to create a bathroom with a sense of luxury then there is no doubt that this range is for you. The designers behind this range have taken ideas and inspiration from spas around the world, to make sure that whatever you are looking for there will be something to cater to you. With high quality taps and shower heads on offer you can design a bathroom that looks exclusive and unique. Whatever you’re looking for when it comes to a bathroom with a difference, you’ll be able to find it here.

  • Mark Humphrey

    Mark Humphrey (18)

    Mark Humphrey is a designer that really knows what he is doing when it comes to creating bathrooms that work. That is why we’re proud to present you with his latest designer range. When you browse the range one of the first thing you’ll notice is that it is a range that is unique, but still practical and functional enough to be used in any home. All of his accessories, taps and showers are designed to look like a drop of water, which is an elegant and fun idea for a bathroom designer. Mark Humphrey is very quickly building up a reputation for being one of the most accomplished designers of this generation and we’re thrilled to have his bathroom range available here.

  • Sensor Taps

    Sensor Taps (6)

    Sensor Taps are not only ideal for applications like a Theatre, Restaurant, Bar, Shopping Centre, Hospitals and Offices. But due to the significant water saving they make and also being extremely hygienic, more people are using them in their own homes. This is why Waterfront decided to make prettier ones! See our range here.

  • Signature Blade

    Signature Blade (11)

    We’re in love with the Signature Blade collection and we’re confident that when you browse their products you’ll be head over heels too! One of the best things about this collection is its forward thinking ideas and fresh designs. If you’re looking for something that is ultra modern then the brassware from Signature Blade will be perfectly suited to you. With mixers, shower heads and slide bars on offer there really is something for everyone. Everything surrounding this collection is smooth and sleek, so perfect if you are looking to create a modern bathroom at a price you can afford. Have a browse through their breath taking designs, they have to be seen to be believed!

  • Signature Feel

    Signature Feel (22)

    Here you’ll find a range of products under the Signature Feel collection. This collection is designed to be traditional and contemporary. Here at Waterfront Designer Bathrooms we’re passionate about providing a range of products to suit everyone. We know that not everyone wants ultra modern bathroom fittings and that is why we’re proud to showcase our Signature Feel collection. That said, these are made well and have distinctive designs behind them, so as much as they are contemporary they’re still fantastic for any bathroom. This collection is passionate about finishing touches and stylish products and you can see this in their range of perfect bathroom accessories.

  • Signature MIA

    Signature MIA (16)

    Another one of our brassware bathroom accessory collections is the Signature Mia range. When you browse through this range of the first things you’ll probably notice is the way that it has been designed to be up to date and on-trend. Passions for homeware and accessories change just as much as fashion, so it can be hard to keep up. If you are looking for bathroom accessories that look and feel ultra modern then the Signature Mia range is perfect for you. These high quality products have been put together to a high standard. You’ll get modern lines and angular forms which help to ensure that whatever type of bathroom you are looking for, there will be something in the Signature Mia range to match

  • WF1 Collection

    WF1 Collection (21)

    If you are looking for bathroom taps and accessories that are simple and sleek then the WF1 Collection could well be the right choice for you. The whole idea behind this collection is to be both distinctive and simple for those that are looking for luxury alongside understated designs. We recognise that sometimes you may just want plain but functional bathroom accessories. This is why we’re proud to have the WF1 Collection on our pages. That said the designs in this collection, which takes its inspiration from nature is both elegant and beautiful so you don’t have to worry about your bathroom missing out! The WF1 Collection is made up of taps and accessories for basins, baths and showers.